I'm on your list *whispers* I feel special

My list? You mean my family? Oh then you ARE special to me! You should go off anon and we can be friends!

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 9x10 | 9x18

            ↳ Destiel + Manhandling

Aka Dean, Castiel, and their complete disregard for personal space.

here’s the thing thoughim an actorand im in this improv troupeweve been together for almost a year nowbut touch is still a huge choiceit’s always conciousit always heightens a scene immediatelyand it took us about six months to start using itso what they are doing here is a huge display of closenesseven intimacyespecially with the manhandlingwhich requires about ten times more trustso this is also a very concious choice from the directors,destiel yo via ortuitoussstarfish

This pleases me.

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Excuse me!?

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Jared Padalecki [@starwhispers]
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sketching marathon continues seriouslythowhat’sgoingonidon’tfeelwell

((*cough* at the top left corner in the 4th panel i took a little inspiration from this lovely picture by friendlypapaya. sorry…! i was just scrolling my dash and drawing everything neat that happened to catch my eye.))

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dorian on low charge is the best

I almost peed myself

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what have you done?

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And he is right, isn’t he? Right to think that you are a coward. A sad, clingy, needy, pathetic, bottom feeder who can not even take care of himself.

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cas with wing tattoo because reasons
-wanted to make this animation since a while now..
Click here for hq animation

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Maybe I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new (x)

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omg, thank you neven-ebrez for bringing this to my attention! Hello demon!Dean foreshadowing!!!

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