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oh shit no. did you lose the entire fic?

Fortunatelly not, I just lost acces to it. The screen of my PC died so the files are intact I just can´t see them. I have mails from my beta saved, but it means editing everything again. I hope I´ll be able to get a new screen as soon as possible.

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Only idiots don´t make backup copies

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Misha Collins - DCcon 2014 (x)
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castiel, digital painting, PS

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Multifandom Challenge (3 of 50) Male Characters » Castiel

I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.

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new Team Free Will set of prints done for Anime Expo 2014, I’ll be at table E29 so if any of my lovely watchers are gonna be there next weekend, y’all should come by and say hi! 8D

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Destiel + touch

True Love…

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For danglingthpider, because of this post

Castiel finishes stocking the fridges and straightens up, eyes straying once again to where Dean is manning the register at the front of the store.  He’s leaning forward on the counter, chin propped on one hand as he chats easily to a petite blonde woman who is one of their regulars - Amber, he thinks her name is - who already paid for her gas and her pack of gum at least 10 minutes ago. 

Castiel flinches as she lets out a peal of laughter and Dean winks at her in response, smiling broadly.  He turns away, shoulders rigid, and fiddles with the candy bars on the shelves in front of him.  It still bothers him, watching Dean flirt with the Gas-n-Sip customers, even though he’s long since resigned himself to the fact that Dean will never be interested in him that way.   Sometimes though, he just can’t help the spark of jealousy, the flame of longing for Dean to look at him that way, for him to be the one to make Dean smile like that. 

It will never happen though.  Dean always seems unusually subdued around Castiel, reserved somehow, which is most likely his own fault.  Close proximity to Dean makes him feel awkward and ungainly.  It’s as though his skin somehow becomes too tight for his body and his words become clunky; as though Dean’s brightness and charm only serve to illuminate his own dullness more clearly. 

"Hey Cas!"  

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i wish jensen would stop being so god damn pretty this is distressing

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Jensen Ackles -SDCC'14
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